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Traveler Guide to Seasons & Weather in Sweden

Summer in Sweden

Summers in Sweden (June to August) are mild and dry, even in the northeast. The days are long, thanks to the country’s proximity to the North Pole and high altitude.
You’ll experience the Midnight Sun to its fullest the further north you go. In the northwestern town of Kiruna, you can even get a full 24 hours of daylight.
Average Temperature °C = 14°C Average Temperature °F = 58°F

Autumn in Sweden

Autumn in Sweden (September to November) is crisp, with average temperatures in Stockholm at about 10°C. Throughout the country you’ll get about 11 hours of daylight, decreasing through the season.
Average Temperature °C = 8°C Average Temperature °F = 47°F

Spring in Sweden

Spring in Sweden (March to May) averages about 9°C in Stockholm, and the entire country gets about 13-14 hours of daylight, increasing as the season progresses.
Average Temperature °C = 3°C Average Temperature °F = 37°F

Winter in Sweden

Winters in Sweden (December to February) are cold, particularly as you go north above the Arctic Circle where you may see snow yearround and it the sun may not appear at all.
In the central and southern regions, such as Stockholm, the weather is more mild, though still averaging at about freezing with about six hours of daylight.
Average Temperature °C = -4°C Average Temperature °F = 24°F