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Traveler Guide to Seasons & Weather in Romania

Summer in Romania

Summers in Romania (June to August) are sunny and warm. The southern and eastern lowlands get the hottest, with highs regularly reaching 100°F. Temperatures cool as you go up the mountain regions.
Average Temperature °C = 18°C Average Temperature °F = 64°F

Spring in Romania

Spring in Romania (April to May) is warm with cool nights and mornings.
Average Temperature °C = 11°C Average Temperature °F = 51°F

Autumn in Romania

Autumn in Romania (September to November) is cool, dry and colorful.
Average Temperature °C = 9°C Average Temperature °F = 49°F

Winter in Romania

Winters in Romania (December to March) are cold and snowy, particularly in the mountains.
Average Temperature °C = -2°C Average Temperature °F = 29°F