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Traveler Guide to Seasons & Weather in Portugal

Summer in Portugal

Summers in Portugal (June to September) are hot and dry, especially inland northeastern regions like Trás-os-Montes as well as Alto Douro and Alentejo. Move to the coasts for cooler temperatures and refreshing sea breezes, with water temperatures hovering at about 22°C.
Average Temperature °C = 21°C Average Temperature °F = 69°F

Autumn in Portugal

Autumn in Portugal (October to November) is sunny and warm. If weather stays pleasant into the beginning of November, it’s called a St. Martin’s Summer.
Average Temperature °C = 16°C Average Temperature °F = 61°F

Spring in Portugal

Spring in Portugal (April to May) is warm, and a great time to visit Portugal, as the almond blossoms and flower-covered hillsides bring the country back to verdant life.
Average Temperature °C = 15°C Average Temperature °F = 59°F

Winter in Portugal

Winter in Portugal (December to March) are mild, especially in the Algarve, but colder as you move to inland to the Porto e Norte and Beiras regions. You may get snow, particularly as you move to the Serra da Estrela Mountains, sometimes even enough for skiing. The Azores and Madeira stay warm, with Madeira averaging 19°C throughout the season. The sea stays warm enough for water sports, at about 18°C.
Winter is also the wet season, which runs from November to March, especially in the northern and central mountain regions.
Average Temperature °C = 12°C Average Temperature °F = 53°F