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Traveler Guide to Seasons & Weather in Jordan

Winter in Jordan

Winters in Jordan are mild and pleasant in most of the country, but the deserts can get very cold. This is the best time to visit the warmer regions of Aqaba or the Dead Sea.
Average Temperature °C = 10°C Average Temperature °F = 50°F

Spring in Jordan

Spring in Jordan brings warming temperatures, blooming fields of wildflowers and occasional rain.
Average Temperature °C = 18°C Average Temperature °F = 64°F

Autumn in Jordan

Autumn in Jordan is warm, but drier than springtime.
Average Temperature °C = 22°C Average Temperature °F = 71°F

Summer in Jordan

Summers in Jordan offer long, hot days and pleasantly cool evenings.
Average Temperature °C = 27°C Average Temperature °F = 80°F