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Traveler Guide to Seasons & Weather in Antarctica

Summer in Antarctica

The seasons in the Antarctica Peninsula are opposite those in the Northern Hemisphere, so mid-November to early February has the warmest weather for visiting. Warmer weather means less ice, so you have more opportunity to spot wildlife. Polar summers also mean longer hours of daylight. However, even during the summer, temperatures rarely reach above freezing. The coasts are warmer than inland.
Average Temperature °C = -20 to -5°C Average Temperature °F = -4 to 23°F

Spring, Autumn & Winter in Antarctica

Traveling outside of Antarctica summers is very dangerous, and nearly impossible. Temperatures have reached as low as -128°F (−89°C) and wind can reach more than 200 miles/hour (327 km/h). Blizzards can cause whiteout, making it difficult to navigate, and can last for multiple days.
Average Temperature °C = -56°C Average Temperature °F = -69°F