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Timeline of Major Historical Moments in Wales

230,000 BCENeanderthals migrate to Wales
31,000 BCEFirst humans arrive in Wales
1000 BCECeltic tribes arrive in Wales & develop the Brythonic language that will become Welsh
47-383Roman Rule
492-700Age of the Saints: Christinization of Wales
550Angle & Saxon tribes invade & occupy Wales
950-1000Viking invasions & occupation
1066-1136Norman Rule
1176The first Eisteddfod festival is held at Cardigan Castle
1276-1295King Edward I orders construction & repair of 17 castles in Wales
1400-1415Owain Glyndŵr independence rebellion against England.
1455Wars of the Roses: Welsh troops fight in a series of wars for the English throne
1485Tudor dynasty intregrates Wales & England
1535-1542Laws in Wales Acts: England bans the Welsh language, abolishes Welsh legal system & makes Wales a part of England
1881Welsh Rugby Union is formed
1916First Welsh prime minister is elected in the UK
1933Welsh poet Dylan Thomas begins publishing his first works
1955Cardiff becomes the capital of Wales & Europe's youngest capital city
1999Wales establishes the National Assembly for Wales
1999Cardiff's Millennium Stadium opens
2012Millennium Stadium hosts opening football (soccer) event for the London Olympics