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Timeline of Major Historical Moments in Thailand

1,000,000 BCEHuman ancestors migrate to Thailand
68-550Kingdom of Funan: Indianized confederation of Hindu & Buddhist settlements in the Mekong Delta of Thailand
600-900Dvaravati Confederation: The Mon people form a network of Theraveda Buddhist city-states in central Thailand
661-1292Hariphunchai Kingdom: Mon people establish a Theraveda Buddist kingdom in northern Thailand
700-1377Srivijaya Kingdom: Malaysian kingdom expands into southern Thailand
802-1350Khmer Empire: Hindu-Buddhist empire partially evolves from Funan kingdom, but is conquered in Thailand by the Ayutthaya kingdom
900-1388Lavo Kingdom: The Dvararati confederation partially merges to form the Lavo Kingdom, which transitions from a Mon Buddhist state a to Khmer Hindu state
1000Tai people migrate to Thailand from southern China & develop Thai culture
1238-1583Sukhothai Kingdom: North-central Buddhist civilization expands southward & becomes Thailand's first independent kingdom
1292-1775Lan Na Kingdom: Indian kingdom established in northern Thailand
1351-1767Ayutthaya Kingdom: Southwest Thailand is unified under the Indian Theraveda Buddhist kingdom
1450-1939Kingdoms of Siam: Portuguese explorers spot Thailand & it becomes known as Siam in the West, though it's generally known as Mueang Thai within South-East Asia
1547-1549Burmese-Siamese War: Burma invades Ayutthaya Kingdom in Thailand
1768-1782Thonburi Kingdom: Thai-Chinese dynasty reunifies & expands Thailand
1782-presentRattanakosin Kingdom: Bangkok is founded as the capital of Thailand
1932Siamese Revolution of 1932: Siamtransitions from an absolute monarchy to a constitutional monarchy
1938The Field Marshal "Phibun" Phibunsongkhram establishes a military dictatorship in Siam & promotes fascism & ultra-nationalism
1939-presentThailand: Siam changes its name to mean "Land of the Free
1941-1945WWII: Japan invades Thailand
1946Thailand joins the United Nations
1997A new constitution enacts significant democratic reforms & protections of human rights