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Timeline of Major Historical Moments in Taiwan

25,000 BCEFirst humans migrate to the island of Taiwan
4000-2500 BCEDapenkeng culture develops in northern Taiwan
1100Austronesians migrate to Taiwan & develop Taiwanese aboriginal culture
1544-1624Ilha Formosa: Portuguese sailors spot Taiwan
1604-1662The Dutch settle in Taiwan to establish a trading base with China
1624-1662Dutch Formosa: The Dutch East India Company establishes Taiwan as a Dutch colony
1626-1642Spanish Formosa: Spain establishes a colony in northern Taiwan, but is forced out by Dutch
1661-1683Kingdom of Tungning: Leaders of China's Ming dynasty found a kingdom in southwestern Taiwan following their overthrow by the Manchu Qing dynasty
1683-1895Taiwan Prefecture: The Chinese Qing dynasty annexes Taiwan as a prefecture of Fujian Province
1888-1895Taiwan Province: The Qing dynasty unite Taipeh, Taiwan, Tainan & Taitung as a single province
1894Japan invades Taiwan
1895-1945Japanese Dependency: China cedes Taiwan to the Empire of Japan following its defeat in the First Sino-Japanese War
1895Republic of Formosa: Pro-Qing officials declare independence from China in an unsuccessful attempt to avoid Japanese rule
1895-1902Taiwanese Han militia launch guerrilla warfare against Japanese forces resulting in the death of 14,000 Taiwanese
1945-presentRepublic of China: Japan cedes Taiwan to China following WWII & China renames the island the Republic of China
1947February 28 Incident: The Taiwanese launch a rebellion that is violently suppressed by the Chinese government, resulting in a massacre of thousands of Taiwanese civilians
1947-1987White Terror: Period of suppression, martial law imprisonment & execution of Taiwanese political dissidents
2002Taiwan joins the World Trade Organization