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Timeline of Major Historical Moments in Sweden

9,600 BCEHunter-gatherers from northern Germany migrate to Sweden
4,000 BCEFarming settlements are established in Sweden
12000 BCE-800Prehistory 
800-1050Viking Age: Scandinavian Viking culture develops & Swedish Vikings begin raiding eastern & southeastern Europe
829A monk introduces Christianity to Sweden
1050Sweden crowns its first Christian King & Christianization replaces Norse paganism
1060-1134Unification of the Kingdom of Sweden: Swedish provinces gradually unite under a single monarchy
1249Finland is annexed by the Swedish empire during the Second Swedish Crusade
1252Stockholm is founded
1397-1523Kalmar Union: The Kingdoms of Denmark, Sweden-Finway & Norway-Iceland unite as a single monarchy
1349-1351An outbreak of the Black Death plague kills a third of the population in Sweden
1526Reformation: Lutheranism popularizes in Sweden
1536Church of Sweden is founded
1611-1721Swedish Empire: The Kingdom of Sweden conquers territory in Finland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Poland & Germany
1700-1721Great Northern War: A series of battles between the Russian Tsardom & the Swedish Kingdom results in the loss of Sweden's newly-acquired Baltic territories to Russia
1718-1809Swedish Enlightenment: Science, art, architecture & culture flourish in Sweden. Freedom of the press is established & Carl Linneaus develops biological taxonomy
1739Swedish Academy of Sciences is founded
1808-1809Finnish War: Sweden loses Finland to Russia
1814-1905United Kingdoms of Sweden & Norway: The Kingdoms of Sweden & Norway unite as a single monarchy
1856The first railway in Sweden is opened
1910-1939Industrial Age in Sweden
1914-1918WWI: Sweden declares neutrality
1921Women gain the right to vote in Sweden
1939-1945WWII: Sweden declares neutrality
1943IKEA is founded in Sweden
1995Sweden joins the EU (European Union)