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Timeline of Major Historical Moments in Spain

30,000 BCEHumans arrive in the Iberian Peninsula
1100 BCEPhoenicians arrive in southern Iberia
600 BCEIberian culture develops in Spain
575-206 BCECarthaginian Iberia: Phoenician Carthage expands into Iberia
206 BCE-400Hispania: The Roman Empire takes control of Iberia during the Second Punic War
409-585Kingdom of Gallæcia: Germanic Suebi Kingdom
418-720Visigothic Kingdom
552-624Byzantine Spania: Southern Iberia becomes a province of the Byzantine Empire
711-718Umayyad Hispania: The Umayyad Caliphate conquers the Visigoths
1160-1163Al-Andalus: North African Moors establish an Islamic state in Spain
710-1492Reconquista: Christian states launch a series of attempts to reconquer Moorish-controlled territory
1469-1808Catholic Kingdom of Spain: Queen Isabella & King Ferdinand marry, uniting the Catholic regions of Castile & Aragon. Catholicism becomes the state religion of Spain
1478-1834Spanish Inquisition: Spain establishes the systematic investigation, persecution, torture, forced conversion & expulsion of Jewish, Muslim & other non-Catholic deemed as "heretics
1492Christopher Columbus kicks off Spain's Age of Discovery when he lands in the Americas
1500-1650Spanish Golden Age: Art, literature, architecture & culture flourish in Spain
1516-1700Age of Expansion: Spain's ruler is crowned the Holy Roman Emperor & Spain grows its empire as it takes control of vast overseas colonies
1605Don Quixote is published as the world's first modern novel
1702-1714War of Spanish Succession: French House of Bourbon is established as the ruling dynasty in Spain
1808-1813Napoleonic Spain: Spain becomes a client state of France
1808-1814War of Independence: Spain, Britain & Portugal battle the occupating French to regain control of the Iberian Peninsula
1851-1931Catholicism is reestablished as the state religion of Spain
1873-1874First Spanish Republic: The Spanish king abdicates & Spain transitions to a republic
1874-1931Bourbon Restoration: Spain's monarchy is reestablished
1898Disaster of 1898
1931-1939Second Spanish Republic: Spain becomes a military dictatorship
1936-1939Spanish Civil War: The Nationalist party, led by General Franco, revolts agains the Spanish government
1939-1978Francoist Spain: Franco's Nationalists defeat the Spanish government & establishes a one-party state
1978-presentKingdom of Spain: Spain becomes a democratic monarchy
1982Spain joins NATO
1986Spain joins the European Union
1992Barcelona hosts the Olympics
1999Spain adopts the euro as its national currency