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Timeline of Major Historical Moments in Singapore

650-1377Srivijaya Empire: Singapore is part of the Sumatran city-state of Srivijaya
1298-1299Temasek: Singapore is first settled as the fortified city of Temasak within the Malay empire of Srivijaya
1299-1398Kingdom of Singapura: Temasek evolves into the Malay Kingdom of Singapura
1414-1515Sultanate of Malacca: Temasek is annexed by the Malaysian Malacca empire
1515-1613Sultanate of Johor: Temasek is annexed by the Malaysian Johor empire following the defeat of Malacca by the Portuguese
1819-1867Sir Raffles founds Singapore as a trading post for the British East India Company
1822The Raffles Town Plan organizes the Singapore into ethnic subdivisions
1826-1867Straights Settlement: Britain establishes Straights Settlement with its territories of Singapore, Penang & Malacca
1832Singapore becomes the capital of the Straits Settlement
1867-1942Colonial Straights Settlement: The Straights Settlement becomes a British Crown colony
1869The Suez Canal is completed, increasing trade & prosperity in Singapore
1922-1942Singapore becomes a British naval base
1941-1945WWII: Japan bombs Singapore
1942-1945Syonan: Japan takes control of Singapore & names it Light of the South
1945-1946The British military takes control of Singapore
1946-1958Colonial Singapore: Singapore is established as a British colony independent from other colonies
1958-1963State of Singapore: Singapore gains self-governance as a British colony
1963-1965Federation of Malaysia: Singapore merges with Malaya, Sarawak, Brunei & British Borneo (Sabah) to form the Federation of Malaysia
1965-presentRepublic of Singapore: Singapore declares full independence
1965Singapore joins the United Nations
1967Singapore becomes a founding member of the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations)