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Timeline of Major Historical Moments in Romania

32,000 BCEFirst people migrate to Romania & produce cave paintings in northwest Transylvania
3000 BCEIndo-European Thracian tribes settle in Romania & develop the Dacian culture
700 BCEGreeks settle along the Black Sea in Romania
168 BCE-106Dacian Kingdom: The Thracian Dacian civilzation establish trade with Greece
106-274Roman Dacia: Dacia becomes a province of the Roman Empire & integrate the Latin language to develop the Daco-Roman language
271-896Goths invade Romania & drive out the Roman troops. Invasions by Visigoths, Huns & Slavs follow
300Christianity comes to Romania
681-1018Bulgarian Rule: Romania is annexed by the Bulgarian empire
896-1570Magyar Transylvania: Magyar Hungarians invade & conquer the Transylvania region, but Transylvania
1100-1199Hungary invites the Germanic Saxons to settle in its newly claimed Transylvania region
1330-1859Principality of Wallachia
1346-1859Principality of Moldavia
1417-1859Ottoman Wallachia & Moldavia: The principalities of Wallachia & Moldavia become vassal states within the Ottoman Empire
1448-1476Vlad the Impaler, a Wallachian prince, defends Wallachia from Ottoman rule & becomes the inspiration for Dracula
1551-1556Habsburg Rule: The Austrian House of Habsburg briefly take control of Transylvania & the Bucovina region
1570-1711Principality of Transylvania: Transylvania becomes a Hungarian-ruled vassal state of the Ottoman Empire
1711-1804Hungarian Grand Principality of Transylvania: Hungary rules Transylvania within the Habsburg Monarchy
1804-1867Austrian Grand Principality of Transylvania
1768-1856Russia Occupation: Ottoman Wallachia & Moldavia receive protection from Imperial Russia
1848Moldavian & Wallachia Revolutions: Romanians revolt against Imperial Russian government
1856Ottoman Wallachia & Moldavia gain independence from the Ottoman Empire
1862-1881United Principalities: Wallachia & Moldavia join to form what will become Romania
1867-1918Austro-Hungarian Transylvania: Hungary reestablishes control of Transylvania
1877-1878Romanian War of Independence: Romania gains independence from the Ottoman Empire
1881-1947Kingdom of Romania: Romania transitions to a constitutional monarchy
1914-1918WWII: Romania first declares neutrality, then joins the Allies
1918-1940Greater Romania: Transylvania & other historic Romanian regions are reestablished as part of the Romanian kingdom
1940-1945WWII: Romania is further divided as Hungary tightens grip on northern Transylvania, the Soviet Union takes Bessarabia & northern Bucovina and southern Dobrogea goes to Bulgaria. Romania joins the Axis to fight the Soviet Union
1947-1964Romanian People's Republic: Romania is ceded to the Soviet Union as part of the Yalta Agreement & transitions to a communist government
1964-1989Socialist Republic of Romania: Romania declares autonomy within the Communist Bloc
1976Romanian gymnast Nadia Comaneci scores the first perfect 10 in Olympic gymnastics
1989Romanian Revolution: A national uprising overthrows the communist regime in Romania
1989-presentRomania: Romanian transitions to a democratic republic
2004Romania joins NATO
2007Romania joins the European Union