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Timeline of Major Historical Moments in Portugal

80,000 BCENeanderthals migrate to Portugal
33,000 BCEModern humans arrive in Portugal
1000-400 BCECeltic tribes invade Portugal & Iberian culture develops from the Celtic & indigenous Iberian tribes
800-400 BCEThe arrival of Phoenicians, Punic Carthaginians & Greeks influence the Iberian culture. Phoenician-Carthaginians establish settlements in southern Portugal
575-200 BCEPhoenician-Carthaginians establish trading settlements in southern Portugal
218 BCE-409Roman Hispania: Portugal becomes Romanized under Roman rule & Vulgar Latin develops as the basis of the Portuguese language
137 BCE-409Roman Gallaecia: Northern Portugal becomes a Roman province
27 BCE-891Roman Lusitania: Southern Portugal becomes a Roman province
406Germanic tribes invade Portugal
409-585Kingdom of Gallæcia: The Germanic Suebi tribe conquer the Roman provinces & establish a kingdom in the former Gallaecia & northern Lusitania
476-585Septimania Gallia: Portugal becomes part of the Visigoth Kingdom along with Spain & parts of France
710-1492Reconquista: A series of Islamic states are established in Portugal
711-788Umayyad Caliphate of Portugal: The Arab Umayyads expand their Muslim empire
711-732Al-Andalus: Muslim Berber Moors from North Africa take control of much of Portugal & Spain
868-1139Portugalia: The Portuguese establishes a vassal county in northern Portugal
1139-1910Kingdom of Portugal: Portugal gains independence
1446-1549Portuguese Empire: Portugal lays claim to overseas colonies, including Brazil
1506-1799Portuguese Renaissance: A series of advancements in world exploration, science, architecture, technology, painting & literature in Portugal
1580-1640Iberian Union: Unification of the kingdoms of Spain & Portugal
1580-1583War of Succession: Portugal & Spain both claim the Portuguese throne, but Spain is victorious
1602-1661Dutch-Portuguese War: Series of armed conflicts between the the Dutch East & West India Companies & the Portuguese Empire over control of colonial America, Africa & Asia
1640-1668Portuguese Restoration War: Portugal reestablishes its independence
1755An earthquake in Lisbon kills 70,000 people
1807-1811French occupation of Portugal
1846-1847Portuguese Civil War
1910-1926First Republic of Portugal: Separation of Church & State
1932-1974Estado Novo: The Second Portuguese Republic is established as a dictatorship
1949Portugal becomes a founding member of NATO
1959Portugal joins the United Nations
1974Carnation Revolution: Civil resistance movement to overthrow the dictatorship in Portugal
1974-presentRepublic of Portugal: Portugal transitions to a democracy
1974Women gain the right to vote in Portugal
1986Portugal joins the European Union
2002The euro becomes the national currency of Portugal