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Timeline of Major Historical Moments in the Philippines

66,000 BCEThe first humans arrive in the Philippines
4000 BCEMalayo-Polynesians arrive to Philippines from Taiwan
1000 BCE-200Sa Huỳnh Culture
900-1571Kingdom of Tondo
1001-1521Rajahnate of Butuan: Indianized kingdom
1175-1571Kingdom of Namayan: Indianized kingdom
1200-1565Rajahnate of Cebu: Indianized kingdom
1200-1569Kedatuan of Madja-as: Indianized kingdom
1225-1575Huangdom of Ma-i: Chinese allied kingdom
1380Muslim Arabs migrate to the archipelago of Sulo
1405-1578Sultanate of Sulu: Muslim kingdom
1500-1888Sultanate of Maguindanao: Muslim kingdom
1520-1639Sultanate of Lanao: Confederations of Muslim kingdom
1521Ferdinand Magellan leads Spanish explorers to the islands & name them "Felipinas
1565-1898New Spain: The Philippines become part of the Spanish viceroyalty of New Spain & begins the Christianization of the Philippines
1574Battle of Manila: Conflict between Chinese pirates & Spanish for control of Manila
1646Dutch occupation
1762-1762British occupation
1896Tagalog War: Filipinos revolt against Spanish forces
1898-1946American Colonial Philippines: Spain cedes the Philippines to the U.S. following the Spanish-American War
1899-1901Tagalog Republic: A revolutionary government not recognized by the U.S.
1899-1902Philippine-American War
1902-1906Republic of Katagalugan: Second revolutionary republic of the Philippines not recognized by the U.S.
1935-1946Philippine Commonwealth: The Philippines gain autonomy & become a U.S. protectorate
1941-1945WWII: Japanese occupation
1946-presentRepublic of the Philippines: The Philippines gain full independence from the United States & establish the third Philippine Republic:
1972-1981Martial law in the Phlippines
1985The Philippine Daily Inquirer newspaper publishes its first issue
2013A Filipino woman is crowned Miss World
2015A Filipino woman is crowned Miss Universe