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Timeline of Major Historical Moments in Nepal

11,000 BCEFirst people, possibly ancestors of the Kusanda people, arrive in Nepal's Himalayas
3300-1300 BCEIndus Valley Civilization: Bronze-Age Dravidians settle in Nepal & surrounding area
800 BCE-300Kirati Kingdom: Civilization settles in the Kathmandu Valley & Hialayas
563 BCEBuddha (Siddhartha Gautama) is born in Nepal
500 BCETibeto-Burmans settle in Nepal
320-550Vassal of Gupta Empire
400-750Licchavi Kingdom: Buddhist kingdom in the Kathmandu Valley
1150-1126Thakuri Dynasty
1201-1769Malla Dynasty: Newar clan kingdom in the Kathmandu Valley
1768-1793Kingdom of Nepal: The Shah dynasty reunifies the Kingdoms of Nepal & Gorkha, but China suppresses expansion into Tibet
1793-1815Protectorate of Qing China
1814-1816Anglo-Nepalese War: Series of conflicts between the East India Company & the Kingdom of Nepal sets Nepal's boundaries
1815-1858Protectorate of the East India Company
1846-1951Rana Dynasty: Nepal is cut off from the rest of the world
1858-1923Protectorate of British India
1923-2008Kingdom of Nepal: Nepal gains independence from Britain
1951Revolution of 1951: Nepal revolt for democracy
1953Edmund Hillary & Sherpa Tenzing Norgay are the first people to reach the summit of Mount Everest
1955Nepal joins the United Nations
1996-2006Nepalese Civil War: Series of conflicts between Maoist rebels & the government of Nepal
2001Nepal's crown prince kills the king, queen, several members of the royal family & himself
2004Nepal joins the WTO (World Trade Organization)
2008-presentRepublic of Nepal: The monarchy is abolished in Nepal & a federal democratic republic is established
2015An earthquake in Nepal kills more than 8,000 of people