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Timeline of Major Historical Moments in Jordan

300,000 BCEFirst people inhabit Jordan
1300-400 BCEMoab Kingdom: Biblical tribe develops along the Dead Sea & is often in conflict with neighboring Israelite tribes
1100-200 BCEEdom Kingdom: Biblical tribe develops in southern Jordan & southern Israel
1000-332 BCEAmmon Kingdom: Biblical tribe makes modern-day Amman its capital
400 BCE-106Nabataean Kingdom: Bedouin nomadic tribe that makes Petra its capital
63 BCERoman troops begin to conquer regions of Jordan
106-390Roman Arabia Petraea: Nabataean Kingdom is annexed as a Roman province they name Arabia
612-628Byzantine-Sassanid Wars: Transjordan becomes a major battleground between the Byzantine Empire & Sassanid dynasty of the Persian Empire
390-636Byzantine Palaestina Salutaris: Christianity is introduced to Jordan during Byzantine rule
636-750Umayyad Empire: Jordan becomes part of the emerging Arab-Islamic Umayyad Empire & the first Muslim dynasty
750-1258Abbasid Rule: Jordan declines
1258-1517Series of foreign rulers including the Mongols & the Crusaders
1516-1918Ottoman Syria: Turks take control & Jordan becomes part of Ottoman Syria.
1921-1946British Emirate of Transjordan: British take control after WWI & allow Transjordan's independence except in matters of military, economics & foreign relations
1946-1949Kingdom of Transjordan: Transjordan gains full independence
1949-presentKingdom of Jordan: Jordan shortens (sort of) its name to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
1948-1950Jordan: The state of Israel is founded & Jordan protests by taking control of the West Bank and eastern Jerusalem
1957British occupation ends in Jordan
1967Six-Day War: Israel defeats Jordan & retakes control of the West Bank & Jerusalem. Palestinian refugees enter Jordan en masse
1994Jordan & Israel sign a peace treaty
2001An electricity-line links Jordan with Syria & Egypt
2009The Jordanian King Abdullah II dissolves the parliament, appoints a new premier & liberalizes Jordan's economiy
2011-2012Arab Spring: Series of civilian anti-government protests riots & civil wars that are suppressed by the governments throughout the Arab countries
2011Syrian refugees begin migrating to Jordan