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Timeline of Major Historical Moments in Jamaica

600Redware culture develops in Jamaica
800Arawak Taíno settle in Jamaica
1494Christopher Columbus becomes the first European to set foot on Jamaica
1509-1655Spanish Rule: Spanish colonies are established & enslave the Taíno, most of whom die of disease & exposure
1513The first African slaves arrive in Jamaica to work the sugarcane plantations
1655-1962British Rule: The British conquer the Spanish colonies
1670Jamaica formally ceded to the British
1673-1740First Maroon War: Guerrilla warfare between the black Maroons against the British result in the Maroons gaining autonomy in 5 Jamaican towns
1795Second Maroon War: Results in the deportation of Maroons to Nova Scotia & British colonial Sierra Leone
1838Slavory is abolished
1870Banana plantations develop to replace the dwindling sugar cane industry
1872Kingston replaces Spanish Town as Jamaica's capital
1930Rastafarianism begins to develop in Jamaica as a religious & cultural movement
1944Women get the right to vote
1962Jamaica gains independence
1963-1968Reggae develops in Jamaica with Bob Marley emerging as a symbol of the genre