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Timeline of Major Historical Moments in Hungary

350,000 BCEHuman ancestors migrate to Hungary
35-9 BCERoman Era: Roman Empire conquires western Hungary
400-900Series of foreign invasions from Huns, Goths & Slavs
830Magyar tribes, the ancestors of Hungarian people, settle between the Ural Mountains & Volga River in Hungary
895Magyar Kingdom: The 7 Magyar tribes unite in the Covenant of Blood, a blood oath that legendarily establish the Kingdom of Hungary
1000Hungarian Kingdom expands Empire throughout Carpathian Basin, spreading Christianity
1241-1242Mongol invasions leave half of the population of Hungary dead or taken as a slave
1367Hungary's first university is founded in Pecs
1526Turkish troops defeat Hungary at the Battle of Mohács
1541Medieval Hungary is divided into the Hungarian Kingdom, the Habsburg dominion & the Turkish dominion
1687The Turks are defeated in the second Battle of Mohács & Hungary is reunited within the Habsburg dominion
1825-1848Nationalism Movement: The Hungarian Magyar language ousts Latin as the national language among other reforms
1848-1849Hungarian Revolution: Hungarians demand civil rights reforms, which segway into a war for independence from Habsburg-ruled Austrian Empire
1526-1867Kingdom of Hungary
1867-1918Austro-Hungary: Austria & Hungary create a single empire
1918-1941Hungarian People's Republic: Following WWI, Austro-Hungary is divided. Hungary loses more than two-thirds of its territory to Czechoslovakia, Romania & Yugoslavia
1919Red Terror: Series of Soviet attacks against anti-Communists in Hungary
1939-1945WWII: Hungary leaves the League of Nations & allies with Germany, Japan & Italy. Nazis deport Jews, Roma & other Hungarian minorities to death camps
1945-1991Communist Hungary: Soviet forces drive out Germany & occupy Hungary
1956Hungarian Uprising: Anti-government protest progresses into a national revolt. Soviet government suppresses the uprising, and an estimated 200,00 Hungarians become refugees
1989Third Hungarian Republic: Hungary goes democratic
1999Hungary joins NATO
2004Hungary joins the EU (European Union)