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Timeline of Major Historical Moments in France

1,600,000 BCEEarly humans ancestors arrive in France
400,000 BCEThe first humans settle in France among Neanderthals. The leave cave paintings
700-500 BCEHallstatt culture develops
600 BCEGreeks & Phoenicians settle in France. Greeks establish the colony of Marseille
450-1 BCELa Tène culture develops
100-58 BCEGaul: Celtic Gaul & Belgae tribes inhabit most of France, with Romans, Greeks & Punic Carthaginians settling along the Mediterranean coast & islands
58-51 BCEGallic Wars: Roman emperor Julius Caesar conquers Gaul
51 BCE-451Roman Gaul: Gaul & Roman culture begin to merge
260-451Invasions by the Franks, Visigoths & Huns
486-511Francia: Frankish tribes take power & establish a series of kingdoms in France
885-556Siege of Paris: Vikings raid along the Seine River & in Paris
940-1461Series of monarchs stabilize & strengthen France
1100-1500Gothic architecture & art develops, replacing the Romanesque aesthetic
1150The University of Paris is founded
1300-1539Modern French develops from the Parisian dialect & becomes France's official language
1328-1589Hundred Years' War: France & England battle for control of the French kingdom. Joan of Arc leads French troops in 1492
1348Outbreak of the Black Death plague
1534-1712New France: France establishes colonies in the Americas
1562-1598Huguenot Wars: Series of religious civil wars between the Protestant Huguenots & Roman Catholics
1635-1659Franco-Spanish War: Conflict borne from the Thirty Years' War
1715-1789French Enlightenment: Intellectual movement promoting the influence of reason over that of the monarchy & Catholic Church
1751-1772France publishes the first set of Encyclopedias
1789French citizens storm the Bastille prison in Paris releasing prisoners
1789-1799French Revolution: Napoleon-led forces overthrow the monarchy in favor of a republic. Feudalism is abolished, the French king & queen, Marie Antoinette, are executed. Secularism thrives, civil rights are extended to Jews & blacks, and divorce & same-sex relationships are legalized
1804-1815Napoleon Bonaparte crowns himself emperor of France
1903The Tour de France bicycle race is founded
1914-1918WWI: France faces off against Germany enduring massive casualties
1919The Treaty of Versaille is signed in Versaille, ending WWI
1924The world's first Winter Olympics are hosted in Chamonix, France
1940-1944WWII: Germany invades & occupies France
1940French author Simone de Beauvoir publishes The Second Sex
1946-1954French-Indochina War: France cedes its colonies in Southeast Asia
1946Bikinis become available in Paris
1957France is a founding member of the European Economic Community)
1991France has its first female Prime Minister
2002France adopts the Euro
2011France bans wearing face veils in public
2015Islamic State attacks in Paris kill hundred