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Timeline of Major Historical Moments in Croatia

130,000 BCENeanderthals migrate to present-day Croatia
6000 BCEHuman establish permanent settlements
400-167 BCEEmergence of Illyrian tribes, Celtic Scordisci tribe & other Celtic people
167 BCE-476Roman Rule
476-535Osogoth Rule
535-1069Byzantine Rule
600-925Croats & Avars invade & create Medieval Croatian States
925-1102Kingdom of Croatia
1102-1527Union with Hungary in Austro-Hungarian Empire
1183Republic of Venice is established
1492-1699Ottoman Empire
1527-1818Habsburg Rule
1797Republic of Venice collapses
1848Revolutions of 1848 & rise of Croatian nationalism
1868Croatian-Hungarian Settlement restores Croatian autonomy
1918-1929Croatia becomes part of the Kingdom of Slovenes, Croats & Serbs
1921Croatian autonomy ends despite opposition from the Croatian Peasant Party
1929-1941Kingdom of Slovenes, Croats & Serbs is renamed the Kingdom of Yugoslavia
1941Nazi Germany invades & establishes the region as "Greater Croatia," with a puppet government. Greater Croatia also includes most of Bosnia & western Serbia. Non-Croat Catholics, such as Serbs & Jews, are oppressed & hundreds of thousands are ultimately killed
1945-1991Croatia becomes the Socialist Republic of Croatia, one of six constituent republics of the Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia
1971Croatian Spring: Student protesters demand greater independence. Yugoslav regime arrested the movement leaders
June 25, 1991Croatia declares independence from Yugoslavia
1991-1995Croatian War of Independence
1996Croatia joins Council of Europe
2009Croatia joins NATO
2013Croatia joins the European Union