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Timeline of Major Historical Moments in Austria

Early Stone AgeHominid ancestors of modern humans migrate to Danube Valley & Alpine Valleys
27,000 BCEVenus of Willendorf figurine carved from limestone. It's excavated in 1908 in Lower Austria
400 BCECelts conquer region and create Noricum Kingdom
200 BCERomans begin to arrive in Noricum
15 BCE-1806Romans take control of Noricum and transition it to an imperial province the Roman Empire. Carnuntum is most important settlement
300-700Goths, Slavs & Bavarians create settlements
1278-1806Hapsburg Dynasty begins with the crowning of Rudolf IV of Habsburg
1648-1740Austria's Baroque Period ushered in a profusion of artistic and cultural achievements, including the Schloss Schönbrunn, the Salzburger Dom. Vienna becomes the center for the classical music scene with composers like Beethoven, Mozart & Haydn
1792-1815French Revolutionary & Napoleonic Wars dissolve the Holy Roman Empire. The Austrian Empire is ultimately created as part of the German Confederation
1815-1866Austrian Empire
1867-1918Austrian Empire merges with the Kingdom of Hungary to create Austria-Hungary. The union is ruled by both a Hungarian king and an Austrian emperor
1890sAustrian neurologist Sigmund Freud formulates and popularizes psychoanalysis
1897Group of artists, including Gustav Klimt, found the Vienna Secession
1914Austro-Hungarian Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the throne, is assassinated in Serbia. Austria-Hungary declares war against Serbia and prompts the beginning of World War I
1918Austria-Hungary and other Central Powers are defeated in WWI. Austria-Hungary is broken up, bringing an end to the House of Hapsburg. Region becomes known as Republic of German Austria
1919-1933Treaty of Saint Germain & new constitution revises the country's name to the Republic of Austria, now known as the First Republic
1936Austria declares itself a German state
1938Austria is annexed by Nazi Germany and renamed Ostmark
1945As World War II ends, Soviet forces occupy Austria. The British, U.S. & French militaries also enter to counter a Soviet takeover
1946-47Austria Reconstruction
1955Austria is granted independence, ending foreign occupation.
1995Austria becomes part of the European Union.