Last Updated December 12, 2017


Commitment to Privacy & Policy Transparency

Keeping your personal information secure and your understanding of our privacy practices is important to us. Please read our privacy policy before submitting any personal information.  


What should I know about my consent when visiting Wandershare?

When you visit Wandershare, you’re expressly agreeing to allow Wandershare to collect, use, disclose, store, transfer and process your personal information.


Wandershare doesn’t share your personally identifiable data, except as disclosed in this Privacy Policy or otherwise authorized by you.


What types of data does Wandershare collect from me?

Wandershare collects the personal information that you submit when you visit the Wandershare site or app. This information includes:

  • Personally identifiable information such as your name, email address and billing information.
  • Session data such as your IP address, browser history, referral URL and geo-location.
  • Online behaviors such as searches, reservations, purchases, content and pages visited.


Wandershare links to other sites and online services whose privacy policies may differ from that of Wandershare. This can happen if you use a single sign-in services such as an Open ID provider or Facebook Connect. If you provide data to those sites through authentication, you are also agreeing to their privacy policies.


How does Wandershare collect my data?

  • Through your Submissions You enter your personal information when registering your account and making reservations and purchases
  • Through Tracking Technology Such as cookies, beacons, scripts and tags


How does Wandershare use my personal information?

  • To allow you to register and manage your account so that we can provide you service.
  • To communicate with you as needed to facilitate service and notify you of activity on your account.
  • To store your preferences by recognizing your information and displaying content based on what you’ve viewed
  • To improve your experience by developing content, services and features relevant to your preferences.
  • To keep accounts safe and secure by investigating fraudulent activities and violations of our terms and policies.
  • To request feedback about your experience with our services and content using opt-in/opt-out messaging.


How does Wandershare share my personal information?

Wandershare may share components of your personal information with:

  • Third-party services providers and partners as needed to complete transactions and service These services include tour operations, payment processing, customer service, technical infrastructure, analytics, marketing and public relations. These providers and partners must agree to strict confidentiality of this information in a manner consistent to this Privacy Policy and the agreements we enter into with them.
  • Third-party service providers you choose to access If you access another site or app via social media links or widgets on the Wandershare website, you are consenting to the sharing of your information with those service providers.
  • Legal Disclosure Wandershare may share necessary information if needed to comply with subpoenas, court orders or other legal processes.


Wandershare may use aggregate and/or nonidentifiable information with third parties, including advertisers and investors.


How can I manage or delete my personal information?

You can see, update and delete any personal information processed by Wandershare at any time through your personal dashboard or by contacting us.


What personal information can others see?

If you create a profile on Wandershare, certain information in that profile, such as your username and your country, will be viewable and searchable to the public. If you use the Wandershare messaging feature, others users may use it to contact you, however, your email address will not be displayed.


How is my personal information protected?

Wandershare uses reasonable and current technology to safeguard your data. Transactions are monitored to protect you from fraudulent charges and all credit card numbers are encrypted, with decryption keys stored on separate machines.


How long is do you keep my personal information?

Wandershare stores your data for as long as is necessary to provide services and content to you and others. Information associated with your account may be kept until your account is deleted, unless we no longer need the data to provide those services and content.


What is Wandershare’s policy regarding the collection of personal information of minors?

Wandershare services are only intended for those age 18 and older. Wandershare does not

knowingly collect personal information from minors. Should we have evidence a minor has sent us personal information, we will delete or destroy that information as soon as reasonably possible.


How does Wandershare communicate changes to its privacy policy?

Wandershare updates its privacy policy as needed to comply with changes in the law, technology, and best practices. We’ll notify you by email when this occurs so that you may review any changes.


Should Wandershare be acquired by another company, the acquiring company would be required to honor the privacy promises in this Privacy Policy or obtain your consent to any material changes to how your Personal Information would be handled.


What if I receive an emails requesting my personal information?

Wandershare does not gather personal or billing information through email. If you receive emails appearing to be from us or one of our members requesting personal or billing information, or that asks you to verify or confirm your account or other personal information by clicking on a link, it is likely sent by someone trying to unlawfully obtain or “phish” your information. You should not respond to such emails, send any information or click on any links. Please report any suspicious behavior to


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