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Insider Advice & Travel Tips from Locals in Taiwan

Keep your Cool
The Taiwanese just aren’t into adult temper tantrums in public, and you can face prosecution for insulting someone too harshly, whether your weapon was words or gestures. You can avoid fines and public apologies if you just thrust that frustration deep down inside of yourself until you can privately scream into your pillow.

Toilet Etiquette
You shouldn’t have trouble finding public toilets throughout Taiwan, especially in transport stations, parks and other public spaces.

Public toilets are typically clean, but be prepared for squat toilets. Some facilities display signs requesting that you not flush toilet paper, but instead throw it away in the provided bin.


Offer a slight bow & nod upon meeting. Let someone else introduce you.

Toasting & drinking can be an all-night affair. Pace yourself.

Remove shoes before entering someone's home or a tea house. Slippers may be available.