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Insider Advice & Travel Tips from Locals in Spain

Dinners are served late in Spain, usually between 8:30-11pm (20:30-23:00). Restaurants are usually open all day, serving breakfast between 8-10am and lunch between 1-3:30pm (13:00-15:30), with tapas being served throughout the day.

Tourist Cards
Most major cities have tourist cards available that offer discounts for transport, activities and restaurants within 1-3 days. The card usually costs between €10 and €60 (less for kids).

Nudist Beaches
Spain doesn’t have any specific federal bans on getting naked on its beaches, though some cities may designate certain areas where it’s prohibited. If you want to be sure, head to one of the 300 official nude beaches.

Smoking is banned in all enclosed public places, including on public transportation. You are also not allowed to smoke outside healthcare facilities, schools and playgrounds. Hotels may have smoking rooms available if requested.


Meals begin late, with dinner between 8 & 10, and can last for hours.

Expect Spaniards to arrive at least 15 to 30 minutes late to dinners and parties.

Spaniards may stand very close and interrupt each other while speaking.