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Insider Advice & Travel Tips from Locals in Nepal

English is taught in private schools and spoken within major businesses, but remains relatively limited elsewhere.

Traditional Culture
Nepal society is still largely patriarchal, and rural areas in particular maintain traditional gender roles, with men working outside the home and women responsible for domestic duties. Be prepared to encounter customs like arranged marriages and women being secluded during menstruation.

Caste System
Historically, Nepal has used an ethnic caste system, which persists today, and can be jarring to travelers. Even in urban areas, the caste system heavily influences marriages, jobs and living conditions.

Cow Devotion
Cows are sacred in Hindu culture, and also star as Nepal’s national animal, so you won’t find much beef on the menu.

Stay pure
Nepalis love to sort the pure vs. the impure. For example, anything that’s touched another person’s mouth directly or indirectly is called Jutho, and of course impure. Interestingly, cow dung is considered pure, and used for cleansing purposes.