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Insider Advice & Travel Tips from Locals in Hungary

Don’t hail cabs on the street. Call one instead.

When riding public transport, be sure to purchase your ticket before you board.

Consider buying a Hungarian Tourism Card, which will give you discounts of 10-100% for restaurants, museums, hotels, private transport, etc.

Budapest has its own Budapest Card for unlimited public transport and discounts on museum tickets, thermal baths, and select restaurants and shops.

You won’t find many public toilets in Hungary, but paying customers can use the ones in restaurants and cafes. If you see a toilet attendant, it’s customary to tip them 80-100 HUF.

Folk culture and traditions remain important to Hungarian culture, especially in rural villages.

A popular wedding tradition is to break glasses to drive away malevolent spirits. Then the bride and groom clean up the mess to show how they can work together. The bride may also be kidnapped (in a fun way) during the celebration, and the groom must complete a series of tasks in order to win her back.