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Insider Advice & Travel Tips from Locals in Botswana

Batswana vs Motswana vs Tswana vs Setswana
Batswana can refer to someone from Botswana, or to the Sotho-Tswana ethnic group.

Motswana is the singular form of Batswana.

Tswana is an adjective referring to Botswana, such as the Tswana culture, or culture of Botswana.

Setswana is a dominant language in Botswana.

While urban areas have adopted more Western culture, the rural areas remain largely traditional.

Music and dance are important aspects of Botswana culture, you'll likely hear music all around you in shops, restaurants and transportation. Dance competitions and performances showcase traditional dances in both cities and smaller villages, especially around the holidays.

Cattle are a sign of status in Botswana. The larger your herd, the wealthier you're considered.