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Antarctica Travel Safety Checklist

Normal Precautions

Antarctica isn’t a destination for wimps. Nor is it for cavalier risk-takers. Rescue services aren’t just around the corner, and people are sparse, so you have to possess a certain level of competency (aka “snow smarts”).

Prepare for a crazy cold, windy and dry visit. Antarctica is actually a desert, so those who take precaution return chapped and wind-blown.

Like many places, Antarctica’s weather is unpredictable at best. However, in this case, unpredictable can mean dangerous whiteout blizzards. There are emergency refuges scattered throughout Antarctica, though you should never go into one unless it’s actually an emergency. If you do have to use one, your guide should let the nearest research station know afterwards so they can restock.

Never venture off by yourself. Really, don’t. Always stay with the group and follow your leader’s instructions.

If you're not keen on plummeting down hidden crevices never to be heard from again, avoid walking on glaciers or snowfields unless you are with your leader and have all of the needed equipment.